Are You Overvaluing Your Wins and Losses?

How do you determine whether you’re trading well or poorly? “Well,” you might answer, “when I am trading well, I win. When I am trading poorly, I lose.” In a broad sense, that is true. Ultimately your goal in trading is to make money, and that requires winning trades. But winning trades does not necessarily […]

Becoming a Minimalist Trader

Minimalism has become a popular cultural trend over recent years, and it is easy to understand why. The emphasis with minimalism is always on “less is more.” With rampant consumerism and not enough resources to go around to everyone on the planet, it makes sense as a society to learn how to start cutting back. […]

Are You In A Trading Rut?

There are periods of binary options trading you will experience that are characterized by incredible strides forward—times when you hone your abilities, make new learning connections, and rake in the profits. There will be other times when you struggle and lose trade after trade, and actually find yourself falling backwards. But I think a lot […]

What Are You Doing Right?

Whether you are losing money as a trader and trying to get back on your feet or you are doing pretty well and simply looking for areas where you could improve, you probably are tempted to focus on what you are doing wrong. This is what trading websites and coaches generally recommend. Figure out your […]

Answering Binary Options Legality Questions

We’re going to do something different here – Instead of trying to break down laws and whatnot for binary options in each of the major countries, we thought it’d be better to answer common (legal) questions we found on sites like, Yahoo Answers and the more popular forums. All the following questions and answers […]

Binary Options FAQ

Visit any major forum or question and answer sites like Quora and Yahoo and you’ll notice that there are LOTS of questions revolving around binary options. Questions like: Are binary options legit? Can you make money trading options? How do binary option brokers make their money? And TONS more. We thought it would be helpful […]

Binary Option Basics For Beginners

Let me guess …you’re new to binary options. Maybe you heard this was the fastest way to make millions of dollars …while you sleep. Or perhaps you heard from a friend binary options trading is like gambling online. Either way, here you are and you want to know where to start. Guess what? This page […]