Are You Overvaluing Your Wins and Losses?

How do you determine whether you’re trading well or poorly? “Well,” you might answer, “when I am trading well, I win. When I am trading poorly, I lose.” In a broad sense, that is true. Ultimately your goal in trading is to make money, and that requires winning trades. But winning trades does not necessarily […]

Binary Options Bonuses: Perks with a Catch

Many brokers offer perks for signing up with them over another broker. These can be things like strategy sessions, fee-free cash outs or access to trading tools. One common perk many brokers offer are deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are usually ‘match’ offers. Meaning the broker will offer to match a percentage of your deposit up […]

Binary Option Basics For Beginners

Let me guess …you’re new to binary options. Maybe you heard this was the fastest way to make millions of dollars …while you sleep. Or perhaps you heard from a friend binary options trading is like gambling online. Either way, here you are and you want to know where to start. Guess what? This page […]