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Option Bot 2.0 Review

Before we get started, let me tell you something – this isn’t your traditional binary options program or bot. In other words:

  • This isn’t going to make trades for you.
  • You don’t have a laundry list of features or filters.
  • This has a high win-rate – as high as 92 percent.
  • Because of where – and how – it’s sold, there’s a TON of hype-y language used and promises of easy money. For example, on the sales page they show you how they made $1,600 in less than 1 hour.

But, if you can get pass all that, you might actually find this software useful. Traders from both Binary Options Watch Dog and Binary Options Channel did.

But let’s get into the review so you can decide for yourself.

OptionBot is an older program. The original owner, Gary Davis, launched it in 2008.

Since then it has had one (major) upgrade, and it has changed ownership at least once. Right now OptionXE.com owns it. They are a larger company with 40+ years experience who are focusing on developing software for the trading market.

Maybe that means neat upgrades are in store? Or maybe new trading tools?

Who knows. But for now this is how you can use OptionBot 2.0.

OptionBot – Software and Features

The gist is this – OptionBot gives you financial data in real time so you can make more winning trades, more often.

It works like this.

The software analyzes currency pairs and looks for significant upward and downward trends (the default setting is 15 PIPs). When it finds one it lets you know. It won’t waste your time with neutral trends.

That’s it.

To be 100% clear – this is not automated software. You will have to punch in the trades yourself. But you can trade on multiple platforms simultaneously.

OptionBot is compatible with all devices including Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile phones and tablets.

One other thing – it’s only compatible with brokers you signed up to under their software. The reason is to make sure the software works without problems.

The list of supported brokers includes:

  • OptionNow
  • RBoptions
  • Topoption
  • TitanTrade
  • OptiMarkets
  • OptionFair
  • Cedar Finance
  • Banc De Binary
  • Citrades
  • 99Binary
  • BeeOptions
  • CapitalOption
  • NRGBinary
  • ZoomTrader
  • Lbinary
  • RedwoodOptions
  • XPMarkets
  • Opteck

I recommend you read our reviews before you sign up anywhere – just to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Features, Cost & Guarantee

Alright, so here are some of the reasons why you might want to check out OptionBot:

  • Trade on multiple platforms at the same time.
  • Get free data (a $500 per month value).
  • Fully customize your own alert parameters.
  • Sync the software to 13 different brokers.
  • Up to a 92% accuracy rating.
  • Get instant alerts.

Once you create your account someone will give you a call and offer you a free trial. You can also skip the phone call and find the 7-day free trial on the page after you sign up.

If you’re ready to buy the cost is $97 for a lifetime single user, or $197 for commercial (unlimited) use and reseller rights.

OptionBot is sold through Clickbank, so the standard return policy is 60 days, no questions asked.

Other Reviews

I wanted to share a few reviews I came across while doing my research.

But first, a word of caution:

You’ll find lots of reviews like this one online, where all the user does is brag about how great the software is. Or, in some cases, they’ll stomp the product into the dirt.

You should take most of these reviews with a grain of salt.

The owner of OptionBot came across such a review that ripped them apart after apparently using it. But, according to the developer, they set the software up wrong which led to bad results.

He left a comment on their website, but they never published, nor did they respond or change their review. You can see the review here.

That goes for our review, too. But this review isn’t about how we used the software to make $2,000 in our sleep. All we want to do is aggregate the legit information we find in one place so you can read it and make up your mind for yourself.

So be careful.

That said I did come across a few reviews from legit places.

For example, BinaryOptionsWatchDog.com said they used the software from November 2013 to January 2014 and had a 78.50% ITM.

Small sample, sure, but great results.

And Mike from Binary Options Channel liked it, too. I trust his reviews because I have read several of them, and they always seemed honest. He shares the good and bad, and doesn’t recommend every product he reviews.

Anyway, he said he used it for 7 weeks and thought it was a great alternative to the other (recurring) programs out there.

He has a point. This costs $97 one time, whiles others will cost a minimum of $100 per month, and you pay that every month.


First off, since I have marketing experience, one look at their sales page makes me want to puke.

Unless you like that sort of thing – sales pitches that guarantee you can make thousands of dollars in the span of one hour?!

Is it possible? Sure, but even a broken clock is right twice per day. The question you should be asking is: will it work for you?

And that’s a harder question to answer. Because OptionBot tells you what the trends are so you can make a trade (in the opposite direction). But you still have to pay attention to the market and have some experience to know if the trade is worthwhile. And that’s only if you get to it in time.

So, is it worth it?

It looks like decent software from a legit company, so yeah. But only you can decide if you’re a good enough trader that makes enough money for Option Bot 2.0 to be worthwhile for you.

You can check out Option Bot 2.0 here.

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