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Binary Option Robot Review

Guess what –

A few minutes ago I wrapped up a review of an auto-trading app. This is a paid app – an expensive app – suitable only for traders who take this stuff seriously. Guys who treat this as a business.

And, honestly, I’d say that is who should be using these auto-trading programs. You just have no business using them otherwise.

But what if you want to anyway – to spite me, or just because you feel like it?

Then I’d recommend checking out a free alternative. This alternative – the Binary Option Robot.

This is an automated signal and trading program that does the work for you. And it has win-rates as high as 72%.


Then keep reading. My Binary Option Robot review below will tell you more.

Binary Option Robot Software

I really liked this software.

First off, there’s nothing to download. All you need to do is set up your account, choose your options and they do the heavy lifting.

The first phase is real simple. All you need to do is give them your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Currency
  • Country
  • Phone Number

At this point your account will be setup. But there’s something else they do, too.

They sign you up to a binary options broker. In my case they signed me up to Cherry Trade.

And that’s why I think the service is free – because you have to sign up through their service. Binary Option Robot says their software won’t work otherwise.

Whatever – I thought it was pretty convenient.

Once your broker account is setup they’ll hit you with a limited time offer. Mine was 5 risk-free trades. I could also get 1 month free of their VIP account if I deposited to Cherry Trade the day I joined.

Then they’ll send you an email with your log-in details (for both Binary Option Robot and the broker), and then give you a call.

Once you’re logged in you’ll see you have the option to sign up to other brokers with one click of your mouse. Just double check your details and click sign up. Easy.

My options were:

But yours might be different depending on where you live. They could be:

Once you’re all setup and accounts are funded, you’re now ready to trade. These are the options you’ll have:

  • Daily stop loss (max $500)
  • Trade amount (max $200)
  • Max daily trades
  • Reverse trading
  • DOW
  • S&P Future
  • Forex Options

The bulk of your options will be forex.

More filters are available, such as setting your risk level, expiry times and more, but you need to be a VIP to get access to those.

Unfortunately, the only way to get VIP access is to make a deposit the same day you join, and access is only good for one month. The other way – and the only way to keep it – is to refer friends. You can’t pay for it.

That sucks, because most people will run out of other people to refer. It would be great if we could just pay for access. I hope this becomes the case in the not-so-distant future.

Cost & Guarantee

There are no costs to using their software – for now. I do hope that changes in the future, though, at least to gain access to their VIP options.

For now, though, you just need to sign up to a broker though them, and to get 1-2 months free VIP access, just refer a friend who makes a deposit.


Overall, I think they’re alright.

I will say I’m not a fan of the language they use on their website. For example:

You don’t have to worry about losing any more. Relax and enjoy making money in your sleep…


They give you the American dream on a platter – to do nothing and watching your bank account grow. All from free software.

C’mon, don’t fall for that.

Other than their hype-y language, the software looks solid. I like how easy they make signing up for their software and each broker, too.

And it’s much cheaper than Binary Auto Trader, which runs anywhere from $100 to $1,000 PER MONTH.

So if you want to give this stuff a shot, and experience (realistic) hands-free binary options trading, without having to spend an arm and a leg to do it, then you should give these guys a look.

Visit Binary Option Robot now.