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Binary Auto Trader Review

How would you like to work with an honest company in the binary options space? A company who can help you automate your trading – even make you more money – so long as you’re realistic about how much you can make?

Dumb question, no?

You’re in luck – Binary Auto Trader fits that description. They have a neat app they’ve been offering since 2012 which can help more experienced traders make more money trading binary options.

But be forewarned – this is not for beginners and it is expensive (but I do show you how to get it free in my Binary Auto Trader review).

If that sounds okay to you, keep reading.

Software & Features

Binary Auto Trader is simply an app you get from the Google Chrome store. This does require you to use the browser Google Chrome – at least while you’re trading.

The upside is it won’t use up too much of your resources, unless you decide to go hardcore and run it on your VPS hosting. This isn’t required, but is an option.

Before you can use it you’ll need to have an account at a compatible binary options broker. Here are your options:

I’ll be honest – their list is a bit of a turn-off because they use affiliate links (they get a commission when you use their links to join a broker). I’d rather they just focus on improving and promoting their app.

Anyway, the app looks dead simple to setup and operate. They have instructions on their site if you’re a visual person, but all you need is Google Chrome, their app and an account at one of the brokers listed above.

And, as I said, you don’t need a VPS to run their app, but they do recommend getting one if you want to auto-trade all day and night without having to leave your computer on. They have instructions that show you how to setup a remote desktop on your own host. It’s a more expensive solution, but if you’re making money, let alone running a business, the cost will be a drop in the bucket.

What You Get, How Much & Guarantees

How does this sound so far? Good?

Good. Here’s the nitty-gritty. Here are the perks to using this program:

  • Receive 80 signals per month, on average.
  • Run this program on your computer (in the background, if you want) or go beat mode and run this on a remote desktop and VPS setup.
  • Trade at multiple brokers simultaneously.

So how much does this all cost?

Binary Auto Trader Price

Well, there are 4 tiers, each with its own price and limits.

  • Bronze – The max is $100 per trade and costs $100 per month.
  • Silver – The limit is $300 per trade and costs $300 per month.
  • Gold – The max is $500 per trade and costs $500 per month.
  • Diamond – The max is $1,000 per trade and it costs $1,000 per month.

(If you don’t have a winning month while on the Gold and Diamond plan your money will be refunded in full.)

None of these are recurring fees, which means they won’t take your money automatically each month – you have to pay the bill manually.

Payment is through PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account, though – you can also use any major credit, debit or gift card.

But what if you want a free account?

You can get access to their bronze package if you sign up to one of their recommended brokers using their links. If you sign up to three they will give you six months free. This can be a cheap way to try out their software if you’re still in the market for a broker.

Do keep in mind there are no refunds, except for special circumstances. So if you have any questions about their product I recommend asking BEFORE you send them payment.


This is clearly a tool for more advanced, consistently successful traders.

If that’s you I think you should give these guys a shot. Here’s a link you can use to sign up.

What I like most is how much they care about your money. There have been examples where they’ve canceled their service when it wasn’t profitable due to issues outside their control. And, of course, they’ll refund your money on the highest tiers if you have a losing month.

Who else does that?

And, funny thing, while checking out their app in the Google Chrome store, not one review complained about them or how they lost a ton of money. Everyone appeared to be happy about the app and how well it worked.

That’s good enough for me, and I think it should be for you too.

Check them out today.

Pros & Cons

Does NOT bill you automatically each month.
Gold and Diamond accounts will receive 100% refunds if they do NOT make a profit.
Support cares about their customers. They will even cancel their services if there's no way customers can profit.
Without recurring billing, you might forget to make the payment and not have access to the tool (until you do remember).