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Broker Review
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100% money back guarantee on first 10 trades.
Super low minimum trade - $10.
Licensed and regulated.
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OneTwoTrade Review

Interested in OneTwoTrade?

They seem like good guys. But you still might want to read our review first.

Before I get to that here are a couple of important points:

  • They launched in 2011, making them one of the older and trustworthy options out there.
  • They’re licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority. They hold a Class 2 license which allows them to offer remote fixed-odds betting.
  • They DO NOT accept US customers. (But these binary options brokers do.)
  • They payout between 65 and 85 percent.
  • More than 90% of users like OneTwoTrade overall.

Like I said, pretty solid – and worth joining.

But are they perfect?

No way – they drop the ball in a few places. I’ll explain more in the next section.

Managing Your Money

The first step to trading is making a deposit. You can do that using:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

The min. deposit is $250.

First thing – I’m surprised at how few deposit options there are. Being as they’re an international company you’d think they’d have a laundry list of country-specific banking methods.

Maybe later?

Anyway, one thing to keep in mind while making a deposit is the amount you deposit will determine your account level. There are 4 – each will come with different perks and match bonuses. Here are the details:

  • Bronze – Deposit between $200 and $1,000.
  • Silver – Deposit between $1,001 and $4,000. Get a 100% match bonus.
  • Gold – Deposit between $4,001 and $5,000.
  • VIP – Deposit more than $5,001. Get a match bonus as high as 200%.

They DO NOT have a demo account. (But these brokers do.)

Once you’re ready to cash-out you’ll need to contact support. And keep in mind they do charge a fee — $50 or 1 percent, whichever is greater – which in my mind is another area they drop the ball.

And last – the max deposit and withdrawal amount is $5k. This pales in comparison to other brokers who let you deposit 5 to 6-figures per month – sometimes even per deposit.

Where OneTwoTrade Picks the Ball Back Up

OneTwoTrade Deposit Bonus


OneTwoTrade is the first broker I’ve come across to offer so many promotions. Here are their top offers:

  • Receive a 100% bonus. This is good for deposits up to $500 and has a 20x rollover.
  • Get a free 1 on 1 session with an analyst. You must deposit a minimum of $250.
  • Trade after hours on opportunities other than American and European markets and get a 100% bonus. This is good up to $250.

The standard rollover for offers is 20x the bonus.

They also have a neat rule. You can turn down the bonus, but if you accidentally accept it you have up to 3 days and no more than 2 bets/trades to contact support and let them know.

That’s great considering most brokers will say tough luck and make you complete the rollover requirements.

They Have a Full-Blown “Trading Academy”

OneTwoTrade Education and Training

Now you have money to trade. But what if you don’t know what you’re doing?

That’s okay – just take advantage of their Trading Academy. They have the tools and information you need to get up to speed.

This section includes:

  • Video tutorials: This covers the basics, psychology, discipline, indicators and market overview.
  • Strategy lessons: These are individually tailored lessons.
  • Daily market news
  • Education center: This includes an intro to trading, money management, asset index, ebook, infographics, etc. There are lots of sub-topics, too.
  • Glossary: Not sure what a word or phrase means? You’ll find the definition here.
  • OneTwoTrade TV: Live broadcast and older videos on assets and education.

If you have any questions not answered here, you might also try their massive FAQ section. This covers:

  • The platform
  • My account
  • Transactions
  • Trading
  • Support

You can always reach out to support, too. Their contact options include phone, email and live chat. They even encourage you to stop by their office.

Unique Trading Options

OneTwoTrade offers more than 90 assets. You can find these anywhere, though.

What I find more interesting are their trading features. Here are their top features, as well as how they’ll help you make better trades – and more money.

  • Buy me out: Liquidate your position before it expires. This is a great stop loss tool.
  • Rollover: Roll your trade to the next expiry time to potentially correct an incorrect prediction.
  • Double Up: Create an identical market position that has doing well, doubling your chances at doubling your investment.
  • 110% Guarantee: OneTwoTrade offers a 100% money back guarantee if your first 10 trades are unsuccessful. This is for new accounts only.

They also offer SmartOptions and 60 Second trades.

Pros / Cons

Here are the best and worst things about OneTwoTrade in a list.


  • They have more promotions than their competitors.
  • You can get 1 on 1 training.
  • They have a low trading min – $10.
  • You can get up to 10% back on money trades.
  • They’re licensed and regulated.


  • They have a small selection of banking options.
  • Their banking fees are ridiculous.
  • Their returns aren’t as high as their competitors.
  • They don’t accept US customers.


So, should you sign up?

I think the answer is clear – yes. I’ve seen little to make me think otherwise.

I did come across a forum post on Forex Army that suggested OneTwoTrade was using fake testimonials and comments to promote their brand. But there was little in the way of proof, as most of the thread was people goofing off.

Faking testimonials or comments may be illegal (in some countries) and maybe not the best way to promote your business, but it’s not like they’re stealing money or anything.

And besides, if they were a bad company you’d definitely see and hear about it in forums. So, I think they’re safe …and …worth checking out.

Click here to visit OneTwoTrade now.

Pros & Cons

They have LOTS of promotions.
Get up to 10% back on money trades.
Get 1-on-1 training and trading advice.
Small selection of banking options.
Ridiculous banking fees.
US traders are NOT accepted.

Don’t delay, check out OneTwoTrade today!